Yellowcard and New Found Glory Lift Sail in Dallas

Way Away they go with all the Lights and Sounds as their 2015 tour with New Found Glory lifts sail and passes through Dallas. The boys from Jacksonville, Florida, Yellowcard, bring Ocean Avenue to north Texas with a near sold out show. 

New Found Glory started the party with a mega 20 song set list. From Resurrection to My Friends Over You, Dallas heard them all and were pretty happy about the long set list. From singing in the crowd to bringing a fan on stage to sing with them, New Found Glory had Dallas on the palm of their hands. Their incredible performance ended with confetti coming down, giving it a true concert experience. 

Fans anxiously were waiting for Yellowcard to hit the stage, when they did the place erupted. Everyone was off their feet! Their set started with a classic from Ocean Avenue, Breathing only to go straight to another classic, Way Away, by this point everyone was hyped and it was barely the second song into their awesome 14 song set list. 

Halfway through the set the band played Rough Landing, Holly from their Lights and Sounds album and instantly it became the loudest the crowd got up to that point. They also performed an intimate, striped down version of Empty Apartment, which the crowed loved, with everyone singing along it was truly an amazing sight to see. 

Like every great concert, this one had its ups and downs, slow and fast tracks, like a roller coaster ride, and it was fair to finish it off in a big way, with Only One and the classic song, Ocean Avenue. Knowing it was the last two songs, the crowd gave their all during these two songs making them the loudest songs of the whole show. Dallas was going out with a bang and the guys from Yellowcard returned the favor by giving it their all during these last performances and sending everyone home happy.