This is the Time for Nothing More!

This is the time!

  When I first heard of Nothing More I heard their single This Is the Time on the radio. It was very catchy and decided to give the album a listen. I was sold right away. I saw that they were going to be in town and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to check them out live. Being a new band to me I didn’t know what to expect on their show. As I was anxiously waiting for their set to begin, all I could hear were the fans behind me saying how excited they were for Nothing More so that was a good sign as always. Their set started with Christ Copyright their third track from their self tile album Nothing More. The crowd was really into it. It was a good fast track to get everyone pumped and hyped and it worked. Their singer Jonny Hawkins was very energetic, being all over the place to climbing some odd piece of drum set they have as part of their stage set. Seeing that for the first time I knew these guys were not your normal rock band, and that wasn’t a bad thing, it’s always good seeing something different. I was excited to see more of that spectacle.Nothing More

  A moment that stand out from the rest was when they had a bass solo, what’s so specially about that you may ask? Well everything! This is not your ordinary bass solo, they placed the bass guitar on a stand where three of the band members gathered around it and started playing it in many ways, they were swinging the bass on the stand, playing notes with drumsticks, screaming right into the humbucker of the bass guitar so it would come out through the amps on the venue. It was truly something different but yet enjoyable. The fans were into it and the ones that were confused at first they later enjoyed it. The song I’ll Be Ok that followed the awesome bass solo really slowed things down. I think it was placed perfectly on their set list so the fans could digest the fast start to the show. Like any good slow, mellow song it made fans pull out their lighters for the first verse of the song. Nonetheless a great song. A song that I was really hoping was Here’s to the Heartache but unfortunately it didn’t make the cut. As they neared towards the end of their set, they played a song that I never got the chance to listen to, Salem, from their first album The Few Not Fleeting. It was a great song, but what was greater was what followed the song….a DRUM SOLO! And you guessed it! Not your ordinary drum solo! The drum pieces they had around the stage that you thought it was just for show or “decoration” came into play and again they made everyone turn their heads, all attention was on them. Definitely another great moment. Nothing More

  The last song came and it had to be the song that put them on the map, This Is the Time. Everyone knew it was coming and once the first guitar riff hit everyone in the room was jumping to the beat of the music. Without having Jonny to ask the crowd to sing along, they all started singing as loud as they could when the first verse hit, it was an awesome sight to see. Overall I was very impressed with this band, I believe this is one of the most underrated bands out there and I’m happy they’re finally getting the publicity they need. Concert was one of the best I’ve been in, I’ll be waiting for the next time they’re in town. It’s definitely their time! 

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Nothing More