The Dystopia World Tour Kicks Off in Dallas

Dallas, TX – February 20, 2016 | The Dystopia World Tour made its North American debut in the city of Dallas, TX. One of the most anticipated tours in the state of Texas as Megadeth returned to the lone star state alongside a crowd favorite, Children of Bodom. The show kicked off with Children of Bodom. A loud ovation could be heard as the band melodic death metal band from Espoo, Finland took the stage. With performing every hit and a large following it was no surprise that everyone in the venue were also fans of the band. Hits like Are You Dead Yet?, Angels Don’t Kill, and Needled 24/7 made even the persons that were not fans of this band mosh and crowd surf, giving it a fun experience for everyone in the show. 

IMG_0121After a great performance form Children of Bodom, everyone was waiting for the iconic heavy trash metal band, Megadeth. The lights dimmed and everyone started chanting “Megadeth” over and over again. When Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson, Chris Adler, and the most recent member Kiko Loureiro hit the stage the place became unglued. Hangar 18 was the song that started their 16 song set list and it was the right way to start it as everyone sang at the top of their lungs to every lyric. Sweating Bullets, In My Darkest Hour, and Fatal Illusions were also present. One of the songs that everyone loved was A Tout Le Monde, there wasn’t a single person not singing during this one. Symphony of Destruction and Peace Sells made the crowd go insane, the awesome shredding solo during Peace Sells made everyone go wild! The band left the stage and as everyone was chanting for an encore, the band return to perform the iconic song, Holy Wars… The Punishment Due. After the performance the crowd gave a thunderous ovation to the band, and Dave Mustaine thanked everyone sending Dallas hope happy. If the Dystopia World Tour comes to a city near you, it is definitely worth checking out!