The British Invasion Conquered Dallas

The British came to North America with one thing in mind, to INVADE. Asking Alexandria and Bullet For My Valentine brought their British Invasion tour to conquer Dallas. As Bullet For My Valentine concluded touring with Slipknot last year on the hellacious, Summer’s Last Stand tour, the Welsh band announced that they were gonna return to the states early February to invade it. They announced that Asking Alexandria will be by their side, also some other band was to be announced at a later time, which it turned out to be While She Sleeps.

Fast-forward to February 11, the British Invasion took over Dallas in front of a near sell out crowd at the House of Blues. The show started with the band While She Sleeps, which put a great performance. Frontman Lawrence Taylor did a great job to get the crowd behind him, and getting them pumped. Despite performing a short set, the crowed really enjoyed While She Sleeps.

Even though on Paper it says that Bullet For My Valentine is headlining this current tour, I think with all the popularity Asking Alexandria has at the moment, many can say it’s a co-headlining tour between the two. In early 2015, Asking Alexandria‘s former frontman, Danny Worsnop announced his departure from the band to continue his other project, We Are Harlot. In May the band announced that the new frontman was Denis Stoff.  After releasing the single “I Won’t Give In,” the fans saw that Denis was the right move the band did.Asking Alexandria gave the fans a satisfying 12 song setlist. 3 songs were from their upcoming album, The Black, which will be released March 25th, 2016. Fans welcomed these 3 new tracks, as one was “I Won’t Give In.” but they enjoyed to hear their favorites from previous albums. Tracks like “Breathless,” “A Lesson Never Learned,” and “A Prophecy” where present. Even though it left the fans wanting more Asking Alexandria, their set had to end to let Bullet For My Valentine conquer

IMG_0001As the metalcore band from Wales was getting ready to take the stage, almost every single fan was chanting “Bullet! Bullet!, Bullet!” It was easy to see that there were fans that are extremely loyal to the band. The track “V” from the album Venom was used as an intro, then the band stormed into the stage with the track “No Way Out,” all you could hear was a thunderous ovation from the Dallas crowd. From moshing to crowd-surfing, the fans where doing it all, but most importantly they were enjoying themselves. The band performed almost every hit in their catalog. Songs from The Poison, Fever, Scream Aim Fire, and their latest release, Venom, were present. The songs “4 Words (To Choke Upon),” “The Poison,” and “Tears Don’t Fall” got a big reaction since these are a couple of the songs that put Bullet For My Valentine on the map. The metal show ended with their well-known song, Waking the Demon thus sending the fans home happy. The British Invasion tour has several dates remaining  in North America, if it stops on your neck of the woods it is a must to go see.

Asking Alexandria Setlist

  1. I Won’t Give In
  2. Run Free
  3. The Death of Me
  4. Closure
  5. Breathless
  6. A Lesson Never Learned 
  7. To the Stage
  8. The Black
  9. Undivided 
  10. Not the American Average
  11. A Prophecy 
  12. The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)

Bullet For My Valentine Setlist

  1. No Way Out 
  2. Skin 
  3. Your Betrayal 
  4. 4 Words (To Choke Upon)
  5. You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War)
  6. The Last Fight
  7. Raising Hell
  8. Scream Aim Fire
  9. Venom 
  10. The Poison
  11. Alone
  12. Worthless
  13.  Hand of Blood
  14. Tear’s Don’t Fall
  15. Waking the Demon