T.I.P. and 2 Chainz Bring ATL to Dallas

T.I. and 2 Chainz: ATL Invasion

Sunday, October 23rd, The Bomb Factory, Dallas, Texas

2 Chainz is a unique character for a lot of reasons. For one, not many rappers can completely change their namesake and gain a reputable following afterwards. That just doesn’t happen. The transformation of Tity Boi to 2 Chainz has been all but monumental, and arguably one of the best moves of the rapper’s entire career. And, of course, we have T.I.P., the self and widely proclaimed King of the South, who’s been selling hit records since a lot of us were in grade school. With prodigious tracks such as, “Top Back” and “You Don’t Know Me” under his belt, still bringing in royalties in the age of ‘mumble rap’ and excessive autotune, one would think the Trouble Man could have taken a break from touring by now, seeing as he doesn’t necessarily need to. In any case, we definitely weren’t disappointed to hear news of him coming to Dallas, and to do so with a co-headliner of comparable caliber proved to be befitting. Both artists rightful heirs of Atlanta, the combination offered a very promising event in Deep Ellum. A very diversified bunch filled the Bomb Factory’s halls, to say the least, with a variant of ages and creeds in gathering. You saw a little bit of everything, from hip hop heads to hipsters, such is the occult followings that comprise these rappers’ fanbases. Inasmuch, it was a good show, as far as the main acts go. We commend the promoters on being able to deliver that much.

Albeit, things were a bit rocky at the beginning. Seeing as the openers consisted of about two and a half hours of stage time by themselves, this caused the attention span of the crowd goers to wax and wane immensely throughout the night. It even succumbed to ‘boos’ and jeers at one point, an obviously irritated crowd prefacing their angst, rolling their eyes, openly displaying their desire to finally see the main acts take the stage. Indeed, the promoters weren’t exactly hip to the fact that blatantly stalling is not an effective way to keep the crowd engaged, especially when the tension is all but palpable. However, seeing the Hair Weave Killer and the Rubber Band Man live was well worth the wait for the die-hard fans. Club anthems “Birthday” and “I Got It” from Chainz riled up the audience immensely – and by this time, it was bout 10:30 pm, on a Sunday no less. Next came T.I. with the classics, and not a single fan seemed to not know at least the hooks to, “24s” and “What You Know,” instantaneously raising their spirits. In essence, Sunday night was definitely a lesson for the promoters, but a definite winning spectacle put on at The Bomb Factory with two of today’s most imminent, record-shattering artists. Check out a few photos from the event here!


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