Rise Against Re-Educates North Texas

The Chicago Made Punk band Rise Against returned to North Texas to Re-Educate the fans. Starting off strong with favorites like Good Left Undone, and Survive made the fans take a trip to The Sufferer & the Witness years (Probably one of the most successful albums of the band) Also performing songs from earlier years like the well known song Give It All truly gave the fans the experience they wanted. The band also performed songs from their recent release,The Black Market.  Overcoming the odds of having a broken hand, Tim McIllrath was able to give the fans the acoustic solo performance of Swing Life Away he normally does in all his shows. The night ended with probably the most known and most played Rise Against song, Savior. Knowing the show was coming to a conclusion the band and the fans gave their all during this song. The last chorus was the loudest! As usual, Rise Against always puts a great show for their fans and prove that to them money is not why they do it, but because they love making music.


  1. The Great Die-Off
  2. The Good Left Undone
  3. Survive 
  4. Give It All
  5. Re-Education (Through Labor)
  6. I Don’t Wanna Be Here Anymore
  7. Collapse (Post-Amerika)
  8. Make It Stop (September’s Children)
  9. Prayer of the Refugee
  10. Help Is on the Way
  11. Black Masks & Gasoline 
  12. Ready to Fall
  13. Swing Life Away
  14. Savior