Never Shout Never Kick Starts “Black Cat” Tour in Dallas

January 13th, 2016

House of Blues, Dallas, Texas|


Never Shout Never, an American indie-rock band reigning from Joplin, Missouri, has gone through numerous metamorphoses throughout the years. Experimenting with everything from ukuleles and other strings over sweet-hearted melodies, to a more classic, hard rock appeal, the group now embodies a very up-tempo, pop-esque sound that can be heard in lighthearted variation throughout their entire new album, entitled, Black Cat, from which the tour is also named. Jump-starting their tour with a bang in Dallas at the House of Blues, these veterans put on a memorable show that reminded us of just why we adore them so much.


After amazing warm up performances from Metro Station, Julie Vera, and Waterparks, the crowd (especially the girls) were all but enthralled the millisecond Never Shout Never’s frontman, Christopher Drew, took hold of the stage. The youngsters were thrilled to hear the band and Drew’s initiating tune selections from Black Cat, starting with the catchy melodies of, “Hey! We Okay”, “Fone Tag” and “Red Balloon,” to which the listeners shook and shouted fervently, relinquishing all care and creating a lighthearted atmosphere throughout the theater.

After a few more catchy tunes, the band segued into its more acoustic, experimental sounds that the group is predominantly renowned for and characteristic to their more recent work, such as the title track, “Black Cat,” and “Peace Song,” seemingly a crowd favorite.

The group managed to engage the crowd goers throughout their entire set with lively harmonies, having them sing along, filling in the words enthusiastically. The group closed with the witty and relatable number, “Awkward Conversations (Best Day)” and the album’s epic, buoyant finale, “All Is Love,” sending the youth into an absolute uproar.



All in all, Never Shout Never is a resiliently brilliant band that is more than capable of keeping up with, (if not steering far ahead of) the times by morphing their sound with a unique zest that is completely all their own, unsurpassed and impossible to duplicate. As the group continues forth with their tour across the U.S., we know they’ll spread even more cheerfulness with every show, as they certainly made a point to in Dallas.