Lights and Sounds! Yellowcard Concert Review

imageLifting sail

Coming off of their debut of their latest album Lift a Sail, Yellowcard made a stop at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX on their tour supporting that album. It was my first time seeing Yellowcard live and knowing that I was going to photograph their set, I made some research like watching videos of them playing live so I would know what to expect. before the show I wasn’t a big fan of them and only knew a couple of songs of theirs but after this show it drew me more into them. Their set started very energetic, the fans were going crazy, there were even a moshpit which I didn’t expect to see in a Yellowcard concert. image

 Their third song was Lights and Sounds from their album Paper Walls, and the crowd went absolutely nuts! From the moment the crowd heard the first guitar chord of the song the fans knew exactly what song was coming and started cheering. Since they were in support of their latest album, most of their setlist consisted of the new songs, which at some point of their show it lead to fans screaming names of their older songs so they can play them and lead to the lead singer of Yellowcard, Ryan telling the fans that they were gonna support the album and that they were gonna play what Yellowcard wanted, a lot of fans agreed but some didn’t. One moment that stand out more than others was when Ryan mentioned that Violinist, Sean Wellman of Yellowcard was diagnosed with cancer but was “kicking cancer’s ass” The crowd was emotional but cheered him on. I think it was a cool moment, it really showed the human side to all of us. image

Towards the end of their set, Ryan told the fans that the following song was the one before the last, and asked them not to leave after it was over since that song was Ocean Avenue. Being the most popular song of theirs some fans left after that song was over, and to be honest I was going to do the same as well, but decided to stick around in case something cool or a surprise was going to happen. Nothing surprising happened but the song they played was from their newest album. The song was California, which is a mellow, slow song. The song was well received. Honestly I think after what happened earlier with fans yelling fro older songs, Ryan had doubts on how the show was going to end with that particular song, but the crowd dissolved the song very positive and made those doubts disappear. Despite being the first time seeing Yellowcard and not being a big fan, I enjoyed the hell out of it! Overall a great experience and would definitely want to relive it again!