Islander Concert Review

Before the announcement of this tour, I didn’t know who Islander was. Once I knew they where coming to town with Seether and Papa Roach I knew I had to attend this show. I started to listen to their latest album release, Violence & Destruction to see what type of music they make. I was very pleased with the album so it made the tour even better.289A9752

Islander first on the line up and there were fans already waiting for them, more than I expected. The set started with Counteract, one of my favorites from the album. The crowd seemed to be digging the song as well. The second track was The Sadness of Graves, another fan favorite, myself included. This song was one of the most coolest songs they performed in the night. With crowd headbanging and singing along, it was definitely a great song and also was making Islander an act hard to follow.

One of the coolest things that this band has is that the vocalist Mikey Carvajal interact with the fans. To me fan interaction is the best way to give back to the fans and thank them for their success. Islander seem to do that a lot. It’s a great thing that they don’t forget that the fans got them where they are right now. Also another awesome thing is that the guitar player, JR Bareis puts a hell of a performance and also wears a dinosaur’s tail! It doesn’t get any cooler than rocking out with a dinosaur’s tail! 289A9742

The moment that stood out the most was when Mikey left the stage to walk on top of the crowd. While performing Coconut Dracula, Mikey started walking on top of the crowd. While the crowd was holding him up, he was singing the song. Fans started crowd surfing around Mikey. As the fans were getting close to him he was handing them the microphone so they could sing part of the song. Moments like that really defines the band. The crowd was more than pleased with their set and really liked their content.

Islander has been one of the best acts I’ve ever seen in a while. A band that is barely starting to get recognized but the fan base is growing rapidly. Despise their fast success, Islander still give it their best when performing, and most importantly thank their fans for their success. I wouldn’t be surprised if this band gets to headline with great and big names in a short time span. 289A9472

Set List 
1 Pains (Pains – EP, 2013)
2 Criminals (Violence & Destroy, 2014)
3 New Wave (Violence & Destroy, 2014)
4 Lucky Rabbit (Pains – EP, 2013)
5 Cold Speak (Violence & Destroy, 2014)
6 The Sadness of Graves (Violence & Destroy, 2014)
7 Counteract (Violence & Destroy, 2014)
8 Coconut Dracula (Violence & Destroy, 2014)