G-Eazy Turns Up The Heat in Dallas For The Endless Summer Tour


G-Eazy – Endless Summer Tour

Dos Equis Pavilion

Dallas, Texas

August 10th 2018

G-eazy has been touring nonstop this year and his fans couldn’t be happier about that. Fresh off of the The Beautiful and Damned Tour this past March, the hip-hop sensation rolled right into his next crusade with a regenerated incarnation of 2016’s Endless Summer Tour. The 2018 rendition once again had the “No Limit” rapper center stage, this time alongside an amazing supporting cast of artists such as P-Lo, Murda Beatz, YBN Nahmir, Ty Dolla $ign, and Lil Uzi Vert.

P-Lo, 27-year-old Bay area native, and YBN Nahmir of Birmingham, 19, initiated the night and kicked things off on a great note. For those not previously familiar with their music they likely stirred a genuine interest given their livelihood and charismatic stage presence, amping up the audience with every lyric.

Red solo cup in hand, Taylor Gang’s own Ty Dolla $ign was met with a sea of admiration as he strolled onto the stage. As he crooned and showed off his velvety vocal range to offerings like, “Paranoid” and “Or Nah”, the young girls in the audiences shrieked and pulled out their phones to capture his melodies. When the beat dropped and the banger, “Blasé,” began to play, he bounded  into the audience to dance with fans, sending everyone into a collective frenzy.

Just after sunset, 24 year old rapper Lil Uzi Vert began his stellar performance. He sauntered to the front of the stage through a misty haze, encompassed with ominous lighting and backed by a large skull that emitted smoke from its agape jaws. The crowd lost it as the spitfire rapper began to sing well known banger such as, “Money Longer” and “U Was Right.” “XO Tour Life” and “Sauce It Up” were clear crowd favorites, as they bounced around and sang along, word for word.

Despite the sweltering Texas heat, the attendees kept their energy high throughout all of the acts in anticipation for the beloved headliner. G-Eazy did not disappoint. Sporting his newly bleached blonde hair, the heartthrob rapper made his entrance between screen projections with a large white cross displayed, onlookers cheering in awe as he made his way towards them. The crowd erupted as he took a sip from his miniature whiskey bottle before kicking the show into high gear, giving the crowd a smoldering glare. There seemed to be an extra edge to the rapper’s appeal that night as he opened with, “Pray For Me.” He sifted through his entire catalog, including some of his newest singles such as, “1942,” “Power” and “Drop” to “I Mean It” and “Lotta That” from his 2014 album These Things Happen. Given his recent breakup with pop singer Halsey in July of this year, G-Eazy markedly altered the lyrics in “1942” from, “Back in Oakland I’m a king, I know and Halsey is a ting,” to “Back in Oakland I’m a king, I know and this girl is a ting” as he pointed in the crowd at a fan. Party bangers like “Legend” and “No Limit” further propelled the infectious good energy that amassed in the arena, with fans dancing from the front lines to the back on the lawn.

The night’s production was utterly top notch, something we’ve certainly come to expect from G-Eazy’s tours. The gigantic mobile LED screens displayed enthralling graphics, complete with stage smoke, flames, canons and even a Ford Mustang. How’s that for swag?

Gerald Gillum was somewhat of an anomaly when he harvested mass appeal with his second studio album These Things Happen back in 2014. The album outsold the likes of Phish, Ab-Soul and Mastodon that year, debuting on the Billboard 200 at No. 3. The “Almost Famous” rapper was hurled into the mainstream to raucous cheers from fans and disinterested groans from detractors who questioned the authenticity of yet another fair-skinned SoundCloud rapper. Fast-forward to today, the rapper has made it blatantly clear that he’s here to stay as he continues to lay forth the groundwork of his legacy. As G-Eazy continues to reinvent himself and push the envelope, he further enraptures his fans by keeping them guessing, and by beyond satiating their appetites during his shows. The rapper has a long future ahead of him given his overwhelming amount of support from of course his fans, but also other artists. As Gerald continues to grow, his core, longstanding fans and even the new eagerly await what’s to come next.