Falling in Reverse and the Supervillains Tour Cause Mayhem in Dallas

Review by Meme Crayton - Photos by Daniel Martinez


Dallas, TX – November 10, 2015 | As one might expect, the Los Angeles based electro-pop crew Metro Station was a hit from start to finish…especially with their female fans. Young adolescents squealed in sheer delight when the young lead Trace Cyrus took the stage, frantically moving closer to join the band in chanting along to hits such as, “Control” and “She Likes Girls.” Cyrus, who is in fact Miley Cyrus’s half brother, encouraged the viewers to live their lives to the fullest while crooning the verses of “17 Forever,” whilst waltzing atop the stage, skillfully displaying airborne kicks and twists with his guitar in hand, sunshades in place, never once losing a step. The band concluded their piece with their pop sensation, “Shake It”,to which even the security bouncers even bobbed their heads a bit. Afterwards, Metro Station warmly encouraged the youngsters to meet them by their merch table, where they agreed to openly take photos and sign autographs for all of their fans.  image

Rap metal/metal core posse Attila is a variable contrast to the Supervillains Tour headliner Falling In Reverse, or to any other metal band for that matter, but they certainly deemed themselves a notable acquisition to the lineup, for a number of reasons. These guys really know how to party…and boy, do they party. Their mixture of light-hearted yet solemn lyrics brimming with expletives, coupled alongside their rage-style, stomping signature sound instantly caused the crowd members to swarm. Numerous mosh pit formations took place. Crowd surfers wasted no time hoisting themselves into the oceanic mass of rockers. The head of Attila, Chris “Fronz” Fronzak , roared and rumbled thunderously, booming tunes from their most recent project, About That Life as the pack gamboled and frolicked about uncontrollably. Attila fans undoubtedly left the show with plenty to discuss, some potentially with black eyes subsequent to the moshing. image

Falling In Reverse, as some may know, has had its fair share of controversy. This group has endured many hardships on the road to redemption and reprieve from media disputes and impediments. However, frontman Ronnie Radke’s dynamic performance Thursday night was enough to leave the crowd in pure captivation, as the lead’s voice is nothing short of phenomenal, suggestively similar to one of an opera soloist. Heading the set with ballad, “God, If You Are Above,” the band’s young fans frantically whip out their camera phones to capture every second of the magnum opus. Initiating the piece with pitch-perfect harmony, zealous bodily convulsions gripped with energetic poise and control, Radke promenades transversely about the stage, pausing only during the drops in the beats to vigorously display an array of articulated dance numbers, sending the crowd into a frenzy, beckoning the youth to, “open the pit” throughout the act to allow them to join in the fun. The stage set up was comprised of makeshift skyscrapers and buildings, giving Radke the appearance of a domineering giant taking stronghold of an entire metropolis. Radke’s passionate is undeniable, validated via his charismatic movements, presence and vocal grandeur. He’s also a family man, as he takes a break to show off his daughter, even offering her a chance to sing along to a number, to which she adorably declines. image

Radke has encountered numerous misfortunes, which he touches base on in his song entitled, “Brother,” an ode to his recently deceased sibling, Anthony Radke, who perished in a car accident in 2013. Alongside this and cuts from their most recent album, Just Like You, Radke and Falling In Reverse reveal deeper aspects to their career – pain, heartache, and hardship- the likes of which anyone with a heart can relate to. As the vocalist continues to define himself, the Supervillians Tour may prove to be a contradictorily heroic move for Radke, as he muscles towards restoration.