Faith No More’s Epic Performance in Dallas

From the Land of Sunshine to the Midlife Crisis, rising from the ashes to become King for a Day, Faith No More retuned to Dallas to give an “Epic” performance. Since the band reunited in 2009, the city of Dallas has been dying to see this band live to relive nostalgia. Despite the claims of fans turning away from the band in the 90s it didn’t seem that way in Dallas as thousands filled up the South Side Ballroom near its full capacity.

Anxious to relieve the nostalgia, the Dallas crowd cheered as they brought out the flower decoration that FNM has as their cosmetic during the set. It was finally time for Dallas to get rocked by Faith No More


Faith No More took the stage and the crowd came unglued, you could feel the electricity in the air from everyone, young or old fans, everyone were enjoying what they were seeing. As Mike Patton sang into his iconic megaphone the crowed raised their rock horn into the air, and to proving everyone that ever doubted Faith No More, that they never lost a beat. 

Faith No More’s 90 minute, 18 song massive set list included hits like Epic, Midlife Crisis, Superhero, also it included a Commodores song cover, Easy, which the crowd absolutely loved. Despite having a pretty long set, the fans couldn’t get enough, and wanted more and more. The atmosphere was very alive. Defiantly the most enthusiastic crowd I’ve ever witnessed in a concert. The show ended with a favorite, We Care a Lot and it wouldn’t be another better way to finish off an “Epic” show as the name of the track symbolized what the fans showed the fans and what Faith No More showed Dallas and every other city that has showed them support.