Escape the Fate brings the Hate Me Tour to Dallas

Dallas, TX – November 7, 2015 | When you think of Escape the Fate, you immediately think of Ronnie Radke, and you think of the first album, Situations. After Ronnie left the band many questions were unanswered. The fans got an answer when former Blessthefall lead singer, Craig Mabbitt took over and the band released This Was Is Ours, which the album was well received by ETF fans. Fast-forward to 2015, Escape the Fate released Hate Me through Eleven Seven Music and with singles like Remember Every Scar and Just a Memory it made the album rise popularity. When the band announced the Hate Me tour, there was no doubt about it that Dallas was gonna be on the list of stops. IMG_0244

Gas Monkey Bar & Grill was the venue and from early hours fans gathered outside anxiously waiting to get in. Before Escape the Fate took the stage, fans were treated to a sweet treat, awesome performances by A Skylit Drive, Sworn In, Sirens & Sailors, and Myka Relocate. All these bands put an incredible show and it was hard to follow those performances.

Escape the Fate took the stage as eager fans were screaming at the top of their lungs, giving them a warm welcome to Dallas. The set started with the single Just a Memory from Hate Me. Fans gave an incredible ovation to the song and we’re getting more pumped up as the band played. The Flood followed up and instantly the crowd cheered louder as it was a crowd favorite, one of the first songs that made the fans give their trust to the new singer at the time, Craig Mabbitt. Other favorite tunes that were also performed were Ashley, and Something. Both of these songs from the This War is Ours album, the album that helped Escape the Fate to get back on track after the departure of Ronnie RadkeIMG_1227

The second single of Hate Me, Remember Every Scar was loved by the Dallas crowd. Everyone sang along to the opening tune, and every lyric after. The band performed songs from all of their albums, including Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, and Ungrateful. The night ended with The Aftermath (G3) which every Escape the Fate fan loves. The crowd was the loudest during this song cause they knew it was the last chance to sing along. Overall both Escape the Fate and the fans were incredible, a true rock and roll show. If Escape the Fate is around your neck of the woods with out hesitation check them out!


  1. Just a Memory
  2. The Flood
  3. 10 Miles Wide
  4. Ungrateful
  5. Les Enfants Terribles (The Terrible Children) 
  6. Alive
  7. Issues
  8. Ashley
  9. Something
  10. Remember Every Scar
  11. Gorgeous Nightmare
  12. One for the Money
  13. The Guillotine 
  14. This War is Ours 
  15. The Aftermath (G3)