Edgefest 2015 Review

Edgefest 2015 is finally here!
Edgefest swept people off their feet as spectacular and unforgettable music rolled into Dallas for a showcase that will live to its hype. An event that will be in the books and will be remembered for a long time

Performers from all over the place, and in every type of music genre gathered at Toyota Stadium to entertain people by doing what they do best, perform. From Yelawolf to The Offspring, Edgefest brought in all type of people, not just a few but over 20,000. You could feel the excitement from early hours of the day as fans were lining up outside the stadium waiting to march into the battleground know as “Edgefest”

Photo by Daniel Martinez

The event Kicked off wit Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. With the crowd hyped up about the event starting and also with hit songs like Cecilia and the Satellite and Canyon Moon being performed, it didn’t take long to get everyone off their feet. Robert DeLong, and Joywave were also among the favorites to open the event, with both having a fun and entertaining set, it fueled the fans even more and also giving them a taste of what was to come.

Yelawolf and New Politics were two of the sets that stood out the most. From people singing along to crowd surfing, these were what I believe the best sets of the event. New politics played hits like Harlem and Everywhere I Go. It could easily be said they stole the show, but it was still too early into the event. Yelawof performed an amazing set and also interacted with the fans by showering them with water to ease the Texas heat.

Photo by Daniel Martinez

The heat played a big role at Edgefest. Since the event started there was a lot of cases that people suddenly passed out due to the heat and were carried out by EMTs, but not even the insane temperatures were able to stop all of north Texas from enjoying this massive outdoor event. We got to go to church on a Saturday afternoon. Hoizer preached the masses with his phenomenal hit Take Me to Church. I never expected for Hoizer to have a large number of followers, I was impressed. Thousands gathered around to listen to Hoizer preach. Everyone got an experience they will remember for a very long time.

As the day progressed many great ones performed, Vance Joy, Dirty Heads, and Death Cab of Cutie also gave a solid performance to the fans. One of the highlights was during the Dirty heads set, out of nowhere a massive wave of people crowd surfing hit. It was so massive that the guards were running left and right trying to catch the fans and help them avoid getting hurt, but it was a near impossible task since there were so many of them. Unfortunately one girl was not caught properly causing both the guard and the girl fall to the ground. Lucky they weren’t hurt and continued enjoying the music.

Photo by Daniel Martinez

One of the most anticipated sets of Edgefest was Awolnation, which unfortunately was a very dark one. The lights during this set were terrible. It was nothing but lights flashing. People who tried taking photos of their favorite band got nothing but silhouettes, but thats just the lights, the Music was awesome! People still had a full tank despite them being standing all day in the terrible heat, it seemed that people still had the same energy when the event started.

Now for the main attraction. Time fir the band that drew thousands of people from all over the state of Texas, The Offspring. Everyone seemed to be very pumped about this one. The cheers started when the band’s banner was raised. as the Californian band rushed into the stage people started to scream! Everyone was excited to see The Offspring make its big and anticipated return to Dallas. Their set started with You’re Gonna Go Far Kid, and immediately people started singing along to an extremely catchy tune. This showed that the fans were gonna go off with a bang. From old to new the band performed every hit they have including their latest single, and first number 1 hit in 18 years, Coming For You. The crowd went wild during this song, easily seeing why it drew number 1 on the music charts. Their set also included songs like Gone Away, Pretty Fly, The Kids Aren’t Alright, and the song that ended Edgefest, Self Esteem.

Photo by Daniel Martinez

From early hours to the late night, Edgefest was indeed a roller coaster ride. The Texas heat didn’t stopped people from enjoying their favorite tunes. Everyone from fans to the bands involved made this an extraordinary and amazing event. As the show came to an end it was announced that this year’s Edgefest was the best one, I can agree, but I can’t wait to see how they will top it off next year!