Deftones & Incubus – Dallas, TX – Photos

Deftones and Incubus with Death From Above 1979 made a special stop in Dallas, TX this last week. The venue was filled to capacity with fans from the 3 bands. Death From Above 1979 set up a high standard as the opening of the show, with the band only having 2 band members they put up a great show. Deftones was a band that everyone wanted to see, and as always they put a great performance for the fans, also performing songs like Diamond Eyes, Change, and Headup. So far the show was an amazing one, it was time for Incubus to close the show. Fans were super excited for this band, it was the main selling point. Fans went crazy when the bands hit the stage. From lighting to the band members performance, it was a show for the ages.