Dallas Got Godsmack’d! 

Coming in at 1000 hp, Godsmack rolls into Dallas for a thunderous concert! There was a lot of anticipation since the announcement of their US spring tour. Dallas being the inaugural location everyone knew it was gonna be an amazing show. The crowd was ready to rock the roof out that place and the boys from Boston were ready to do the same. Generation Day was the beginning of an incredible set. Fans were just excited seeing Sully and the rest of the boys.

Photo by Daniel Martinez


1000 HP from their sixth album was played after Generation Day, and boy did it set up the mood in the room. Total non stop rock and roll kick ass song and the fans were loving every single second of it. from singing the lyrics as loud as possible to head banging till your neck was sore, it was awesome! The song The Enemy was one of the highlights of the show, having a very aggressive tune along with aggressive lyrics it still kept that mood going that 1000 HP started. Obviously you can’t forget the mosh pit in a Godsmack show. 

The band performed many hits like Cryin’ Like a Bitch. The crowd went nuts when the catchy intro played. This was a favorite for the newer fans since the band gained a lot of them with the release of 2010’s The Oracle. It was the only track that they performed from that album. 

Photo by Daniel Martinez


For older and more hardcore fans, Godsmack performed their hit Keep Away from their 1998 self-titled album. Sully’s vocals out-powered this awesome song making the song feel very alive and energetic, fans really enjoyed it. Also guitarist Tony Rombola did a thunderous job all night but during this track he was phenomenal. 

A Godsmack show couldn’t be complete with the infamous Batalla de los Tambores. Sully and drummer Shannon Larkin faced off center stage for an epic twin drum battle that was louder than the thunderous storm that hit Dallas that night. The show closed with two iconic Godsmack songs, Whatever and I Stand Alone. The crowd outdid themselves during these last two songs, they were louder than ever making this inaugural night hard to beat.

Photo by Daniel Martinez


Godsmack has always been a huge draw when it comes to live performances. From its talented vocalist to its awesome duet drum battle, Batalla de los Tambores, Godsmack is a hard act to follow. Definitely worth checking them out! Godsmack is currently on their US spring tour and it will run through May 20.


  1. Generation Day
  2. 1000 HP
  3. The Enemy 
  4. What’s Next 
  5. Cryin’ Like a Bitch 
  6. Straight Out of Line 
  7. Awake 
  8. Something Different 
  9. Keep Away 
  10. Voodoo 
  11. Batalla de los Tambores 
  12. Whatever 
  13. I Stand Alone