Circa Survive’s ‘Juturna’ 10th Reunion Tour Is a Trip Down Memory Lane

House of Blues

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015|

As Circa Survive’s 10th Anniversary Juturna Tour comes to a close, they fortunately made a pit-stop at the House of Blues stage here in Dallas. Commemorating their trailblazing album released in 2005, the band announced prior to touring that they would be performing their freshman record in its entirety. That being said, the majority of the patrons may have entered the halls of HOB with expectations, or at least a general idea as to what to expect from the band. They’ve undoubtedly evolved over the past decade, but as an almost general consensus amongst longtime fans, it’s apparent that the bulk of them favor Juturna to their other bodies work. When announced early on this summer that the group would be performing their paramount masterpiece, we were certain that an event such as this would sell out – and it certainly did. The night of the show, unlucky fans who hadn’t purchased tickets ahead of time clamored to those awaiting to enter with pleas such as, “Who’s selling extra tickets?”….“Does anyone have an extra ticket for sale?’’ as they worked their way past the lengthy line of onlookers that snaked alongside the venue.


Citizen kicked off the night along with RX Bandits, revving the crowd to the tunes from their own up and coming projects. Their combined energy segued into the robust performance that was Circa Survive’s, far exceeding the anticipations of the spectators. From the instant the rockers planted their heels in the wooden surface of the platform, the already elevated atmosphere of the crowd skyrocketed to match the group’s zealous aura. Frontman Anthony Green grinned blissfully as he commenced to his iconic stomping about the stage, with an extra zest reminiscent of his younger self 10 years ago. Indeed, the band as a collective appeared to be in an exceptionally vivacious mood as the guitarists strummed fervently and the drummer exploded into the introduction of, “Holding Someone’s Hair Back,” the first track from Juturna. They started with arguably a bit more than a just a bang, and kept the energy alive with, “Act Appalled” and, “The Glorious Nosebleed.” They even incorporated a couple surprises into the set list, including “House of Leaves,” a hidden bonus track elected as the band’s closing finale. Upon concluding the serenade, the onlookers swayed and bellowed in satisfaction as the band closed out the show. Circa Survive is set to wind-up their tour Thanksgiving week, one of the last performances of which will be in their hometown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, we think it may be difficult for them to top the phenomenally endearing experience they left here in Dallas.