Bush & Theory of a Deadman Concert Review

On Wednesday March 11, 2015 Bush, Theory of a Deadman, and Stars in Stereo stormed into Dallas for a show that was more than great! Heading into it I had a lot of great expectations coming from both Bush and Theory of a Deadman. Being a Bush and a Theory of a Deadman fan it was a show that I was super stoked for. Stars in Stereo were new to me, all my knowledge of the band was that they had a female lead singer. Arriving into a sold out crowd I knew the concert was gonna be far from great. 

Stars in Stereo at South Side Ballroom – Dallas, TX

Stars in Stereo were the openers of the show. I didn’t know what to expect from Stars in Stereo, but I’m sure no one was let down with this upcoming band. The whole band was very energetic. Interacting with fans would be the best any band could do, and Stars in Stereo did just that! Songs like Not a Shot and Leave Your Mark really stood out. Lead singer Rebecca Hollcraft put a lot emphasis to the performance making their act fun and enjoyable to watch and listen. Performing only a couple of songs, it left the crowd wanting more Stars in Stereo! 

Theory of a Deadman at South Side Ballroom – Dallas, TX

Theory of a Deadman is up next! First time seeing Theory of a Deadman was last year at The Eagle’s annual BFD festival. Their performance was short, and left me wanting to see what this band was capable of achieving. With the release of their fifth studio album, Savages, I knew next time Theory was in town I had to check them out again. Their set started with their hit So Happy and obviously this hyped up the crowd. They performed many of their hits like Lowlife, Not Meant to Be, and Hate My Life, among others. They performed three songs from their latest release, Savages, which were Blow, Drown, and Angel. Angel stood out a lot cause a lot of people seem to enjoy this slow ballad. When the set got to Hate My Life, the whole crowd started singing a long, it seemed like everyone knew all the words of the song, it was really an awesome sight. Their set ended with their classic hit, Bad Girlfriend. This song got everyone pumped and was the perfect way to end their set. I wish they had performed more songs from Savages like Panic Room, Salt in the Wound, or even the title track Savages. Having seeing them a year previous this concert, and having a short performance at BFD 2014, this really made up for that. It was one of the concerts I enjoyed the most seeing. 
Bush at South Side Ballroom – Dallas, TX
Having a recent album release and not touring North America since 2012, it was a matter of time that Bush was gonna do just that! In support of their album Man On the Run, Bush came down in Dallas. The last time Bush was around here in Dallas was when they opened for Nickelback in 2012 at the American Airlines Center. Now 2015 and a much smaller venue, Bush was back! Despite the venue size having a BIG difference, don’t let it fool you, these shows are more intimate and you will find the most passionate fans, so I knew we were gonna have a great set! Fans were very eager for their set to start. Once the lights went out everyone cheered, and they were ready to take what was coming their way. Their set started with Just Like My Others Sins, and it went on to the awesome Everything Zen, followed by The People That We Love. These three songs were just the beginning to their whopping 20 song set!!! The Chemical Between Us and Swallowed, were among the crowd favorites. Not taking any credit from any other band member but Gavin really went out of his was to please the Dallas crowd. His performance was very enjoyable to watch. He really showed us that he loves doing what he does. The most awesome moment of the night was during Little Things when Gavin got off stage and headed over towards the fans and started singing alongside them. This made the whole concert with going! The crowd went wild when they played their slow hit Glycerine. Most amazing feeling when you listen to the whole venue sing along to one of your favorite songs. Dallas really loved the performance of that song. Just when you thought the show was over they start playing Comedown, the crowd came unglued after that and sending us home happy! This was the first time seeing Bush perform and it will definitely not be the last! I’m sure fans will be lined up outside the venue early next time they come around! 
Bush at South Side Ballroom – Dallas, TX