Buckcherry Gets Dallas Lit Up!

Bringing it on back for the name of “Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Buckcherry gets the Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX “lit up” with a rock show that captivates many in attendance. Buckcherry returns to the “Big D” with a jaw dropping performance that will make anyone who loves “Rock ‘n Roll” or good music in general enjoy. In support of their latest album release, Rock ‘N’ Roll, the Californian band brought their smashing hits, and current sensations to crash at the Bomb Factory. Kicking off the show with one of their most popular songs, Lit Up, Buckcherry made everyone that was present jump off their feet. Many other hits were also played like Riding from their Time Bomb album, Rescue Me from Black Butterfly as well songs from their current release like Bring It On Back, Tight Pants, and Rain’s Falling. The band turned it down a notch when they played Sorry. Since Sorry the world by storm in 2007, and being placed at number 9 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 list, it was no surprise that there wasn’t anyone singing along to every word of the song. Another song that made everyone go wild was the infamous Crazy Bitch song. This anthem changed the atmosphere in the room, definitely one if the songs everyone came to hear. The concert ended with a version of their Too Drunk song was was leaked before their record Black Butterfly was released and later was replace by Highway Star, Buckcherry’s cover of Deep Purple’s song. From the get-go to the last second the music played, everyone was dancing the night away in a spectacle that was pure “rock’n roll”


  1. Lit Up
  2. Whiskey In the Morning
  3. Bring It On Back
  4. Somebody F****d with Me
  5. Out of Line
  6. Sorry
  7. Rescue Me
  8. Riding
  9. Tight Pants
  10. Gluttony
  11. I Don’t Give a F**k
  12. Rain’s Falling
  13. Crazy Bitch
  14. Say F**k It
  15. Too Drunk