Breaking Benjamin Unplugged in Dallas

Dallas, TX – January 18, 2016 | Coming off the heights of their first tour in support of their newest album release, Dark Before Dawn, the refreshed band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Breaking Benjamin announced both “unplugged” and “electric” tours that would take over the country in the first quarter of 2016. Within less than a month from being announced, the House of Blues in Dallas had completely sold out. From early hours of a cold day, fans began to stand in line outside of the House of Blues. As the doors opened fans cheered and anxiously began to make their way into the venue. IMG_0005

Breaking Benjamin marched into Dallas with their hit So Cold as their opener. The fans were extremely happy, and you could see the excitement in their face as they sang along to the words of this iconic Breaking Benjamin track. Through out the night frontman, Benjamin Burnely took some time off to let former Adelita’s Way guitarist, Keith Wallen and bassist Aaron Bruch sing a couple of tracks. Benjamin kept the fans happy by interacting with them every time he had the opportunity. He mentioned how he has been sober since 2007 due to his health issue. His health issue was a big factor for the band’s hiatus after the release of Dear Agony in 2009. During the set, bassist, Aaron Bruch performed the song Ænema by Tool, which the crowd completely loved. IMG_0056

The band performed many hits from their catalog. Tracks from albums We Are Not Alone, Phobia, Dark Before Dawn, Dear Agony, and Saturate were present. Songs like Failure, Breath, Blow Me Away, and I Will Not Bow were sang loudly by everyone in the Building. Give Me a Sign was the most special of the night. Before finishing the song, Benjamin asked to turn off all the house lights and everyone to turn on the lights of their cellphones, also telling the crowd that without that light there would be no Breaking Benjamin, and asked for everyone to sing loud the last chorus of the song. It was the loudest song in the whole set. The crowd made it real special. The night ended with The Diary of Jane as the encore. When the first notes hit, the fans cheered, they knew what was coming. Not one person was quiet during this song, they knew it was the last chance they would have to sing along and everyone took advantage of it. Benjamin thanked Dallas once again, sending the thousands in attendance home happy. An awesome 18 song set , and an incredible acoustic performance by a band that’s love by many. Breaking Benjamin took over Dallas with a show that’s gonna be tough to beat.


  1. So Cold
  2. Follow
  3. Simple Design 
  4. Unknown Soldier 
  5. Angels Fall
  6. Sooner or Later
  7. Ashes of Eden
  8. Blow Me Away
  9. Failure
  10. Breath
  11. Away
  12. Ænema (Tool cover)
  13. Home
  14. Give Me a Sign
  15. Polyamorous 
  16. I Will Not Bow
  17. Until the End
  18. The Diary of Jane