BFD Turns Into the Spookshow ! – Concert Review 

The Eagle’s BFD is finally here and it’s packed with great names including the Dallas debut of Danny Worsnop’s (formerly of Asking Alexandria) new band, We Are Harlot, the reunited Breaking Benjamin, and the man of the hour, Mr. Rob Zombie. Fans gathered at the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas to witness their favorite bands rocking out to a near sold out event. Days prior the event Dallas was hit by several scattered thunderstorms, flooding several parts in the Dallas area, and putting the event on risk of being cancelled. Sunday, the day of the event we had the perfect weather with no chance of rain, but the lawn (for those with lawn tickets) was very muddy. That didn’t stop the fans! 

The show kicked off with Danny Worsnop’s band We Are Harlot. This was one of the bands that I was looking forward the most on this event. They started with their single, Denial. A lot of people seemed to know and enjoy this song. Denial has been featured on shows such as WWE Raw, and played on the radio constantly. A song that stood out was Someday, the mellow, slow, then fast pace song was loved by many. Despise their set being short cause they were the openers of the event, We Are Harlot gained a lot of new fans in Dallas.  

We Are Harlot – Photo by Daniel Martinez
 Sons of Texas and All That Remains were also present at this year’s BFD. Both bands performed very well, and with a lot of momentum. A couple of hours before the event started it was announced through 97.1 The Eagle’s and the Pretty Reckless official Facebook page that they were gonna cancel their appearance due to the drummer of the band, Jaime Perkins being reported sick. This announcement obviously devastated the die hard fans that wanted to see them perform live. 

This year’s event had a unique band, In This Moment. Their music is really good, but what stood out was the theatrical performance Maria Brink gave to the Dallas crowd. It’s unique set included a very pleasing stage set up, it had a carnival type of feel. Maria changed wardrobe on every song, the wardrobe went along with the story the song was telling. This was one of the sets that fans visually enjoyed the most, from the band members to the stage, this was a great set. As the curtain dropped, fans cheered louder than I expected for Maria and In This Moment, definitely left fans wanting more. 

In This Moment – Photo by Daniel Martinez
 As the day passed by, a storm was approaching, a Halestorm! Halestorm roared into BFD with a lot of energy and momentum. Rocking out a thunderous crowd, Halestorm did an amazing job. From singer Lizzy to the drummer Arejay, they seemed to never get tired. During their set, Lizzy cut her finger while playing the guitar, she pointed out that it was the first time that happened in Dallas, and kept rocking like nothing happened. Performing songs like Love Bites and their hit single I Miss the Misery it was easily one of the best sets of the day.  
Halestorm – Photo by Daniel Martinez
 After all the great bands that performed, the long awaited return everyone was anticipating was finally here. Breaking Benjamin made its return to Dallas. The last time they were here was before their shocking break up back in 2009. With new music on the way it was one of the most anticipated sets of the evening and of the year as well. Starting their set with So Cold, the fans easily got hyped and cheered. Ben started interacting with the crowd and thanked them. He also stated that it was one of the better crowd he has performed for. He went on asking them if they wanted to listen to a song from their upcoming album, Dark Before Dawn, and everyone just came unglued. The song was Failure and everyone cheered, everyone enjoyed the song and also sang along, Ben was very impressed. One of the cool moments was when they started playing the Imperial March song from Star Wars which later turned into Walk by Pantera, which everyone went nuts when they heard it, and that turned into Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. They also performed songs like I Will Not Bow, Until the End, and ending their set with their most famous song, The Diary of Jane. There was a standing ovation for Breaking Benjamin and Ben thanked the crowd again and said that he couldn’t wait to return to Dallas.  

Breaking Benjamin – Photo by Daniel Martinez
 Classic horror film characters invaded the stage as it was time for the headliner of BFD 2015, Rob Zombie. Fans started to chant “Zombie” and could be heard all around the amphitheater. After minutes of waiting, the lights dimmed and it was time to get the “Spookshow” started! The set began with a great rendition of Grand Funk Railroad’s We’re An American Band, it went along with the super cool torn, old, jacket that had the American flag. Fans were super excited. The second song was Superbeast. This is one of my favorite Zombie songs and it was well performed. Rob always having tons of energy despise his age, John 5 always drawing attraction into himself by doing cool wacky poses, or having an LED mouth piece that was blinking throughout the show, made this song spectacular for me. As we were heading into the third song, Rob Zombie asked the fans if it was the same Dallas were he filmed his live DVD back in 2013, fans cheered and Zombie said “it doesn’t seem like it! Get loud!” Everyone got extremely loud, especially when they heard “Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead? Living dead girl” the crowd sang along to every word, it was an awesome sight, simply one of the best highlights of the night. The set had 16 songs from Zombie’s library. Hits like More Human Than Human, Thunder Kiss ’65, and Never Gonna Stop were also part of this horror show. The Ramones’ Blitzkrieg Bop was also performed, and it was an awesome rendition of it, the crowd loved it! The event ended with their best hit, Dragula. Everyone came unglued! Everyone knew it was their last chance to sing along so it was the loudest song of the day. It was an awesome experience seeing 10,000 of fans enjoying this terrific track.

Overall this years BFD was one of the best ones I’ve been to. The line up was incredible, from upcoming bands to a veteran on its genre, it was a show for everyone. We can’t wait for the line up next year, we have a feeling it will top this one, it seems hard to top it but very possible! 

Rob Zombie – Photo by Daniel Martinez