Avenged Sevenfold Hijacks the Inaugural Texas Mutiny

Avenged Sevenfold - Texas Mutiny

The first ever Texas Mutiny was held this past weekend and the inauguration was more than what north Texas expected. Thousands of people gathered at the Texas Motor Speedway to witness an even that will go down in history as one of the best events to hit north Texas. People started arriving days early to set up their camping gear and were piling by the gates from early hours of the morning to get the party started. Bands like Nothing More, Ghost, Deftones, Chevelle, and headliner Avenged Sevenfold were ready to inaugurate the first Texas Mutiny.

The show kicked off with September Mourning on the Renegade Stage, performing their hits like Eye of the Storm and Skin and Bones to get everyone that came in to the event pumped for the show. Failure Anthem and Mothership were also great additions to kick off the festival. Shaman’s Harvest took over the Republic Stage right before Starset played the Longhorn Stage, and they amazed everyone. They were one of the crowd favorites coming into the show, but I think the crowd got more than what they bargained. 

Skindred - Texas Mutiny
Skindred – Texas Mutiny

It was time for Starset to play the Longhorn Stage, everyone was excited to see these guys. They came out to their usual “helmet/mask” gear to give a “demonstration” that Texas Mutiny will not forget. Avatar took over the Republic Stage and it blew everyone’s mind off with their carnival like set up. Everyone was into them. Avatar was the last band to perform before everyone was evacuated due to a thunderstorm approaching, but not even a thunderstorm could stop Texas Mutiny.

An hour later the gates opened again, and the music resumed, Candlebox welcomed everyone back in as they played crowd favorites, Far Behind and You. The crowd went nuts for Islander during Bad Guy and especially Coconut Dracula. Lead singer, Miley Carvajal told the fans that the stage belonged to them, and they were welcome to get on stage and sing the last song. Several fans rushed to the stage and many followed. Filling the stage with fans, Islander departed from Texas Mutiny giving a great impression to the fans and the festival.

Pierce the Veil - Texas Mutiny
Pierce the Veil – Texas Mutiny

Hellyeah and Pierce the Veil took everyone by storm, despite both being on the opposite side of each other’s spectrum, everyone enjoyed them, Pierce the Veil fans enjoyed Hellyeah, and Hellyeah fans enjoyed Pierce the Veil. The fans were on the same mission and that was to have a good time. This was the time for Nothing More, not just a crowd favorite but being a band from the lone star state Nothing More was no stranger to the DFW area. Giving the fans what they wanted to hear and a new song from their upcoming album. The crowd reacted very well to the new song, it’s a good sign that the new album will be a success.

Chevelle and Deftones were on top of the card, and from the previous acts, it was gonna be hard to top all the performances, but these two bands were able to succeed. Ghost was ready to preached to the masses as another thunderstorm was approaching on the horizon, giving it an eerie feeling drying their set. Regardless of the storm that was miles away, the show continued, and Ghost kept mesmerizing the masses. Square Hamer and Circie were among the crowd favorites. Ghost was the best choice to close the Republic Stage and make way for Avenged Sevenfold to close this bigger than life event.

Avenged Sevenfold - Texas Mutiny
Avenged Sevenfold – Texas Mutiny

Everyone rushed into the Longhorn Stage to witness one of the greatest rock bands close the inaugural Texas Mutiny. The fans were eager to see Avenged Sevenfold perform. The place came unglued as they heard the intro for Nightmare. Despite being a long day, somehow everyone got their batteries recharged for this set. Afterlife was right after Nightmare and everyone continued partying and kept singing along throughout the whole song. Afterlife was one of those songs that put this band on the map and it continues being a favorite. Sheppard of Fire and their latest masterpiece, Hail to the King was also performed. Other tracks from previous albums such as Unholy Confessions and Bat Country were also performed. After several years of being absent from touring and from Texas, Avenged Sevenfold made sure that it was worth the wait, and I think everyone can agree with that. The first Texas Mutiny went down in the history books, and hopefully we will see it again next year. From food trucks to an all day of music, north Texas finally got the music festival it deserved, a festival the size of Texas and Texas Mutiny delivered.