Asking Alexandria’s 10 Years in the Black

img_0040Welcome back Danny Worsnop! Since his departure back in January 2015, Danny Worsnop has kept himself busy with his side project We Are Harlot and his solo career. During that time Asking Alexandria had no choice but to get another frontman to take his place. Finding Denis Stoff, the band went on creating their recent album, The Black. The Black was a success among the AA community and Dennis was accepted. Fast forward to 2016 the band announced that Dennis was no longer in the band and Danny was back as their frontman. This news shocked everyone. They announced their 10 Years in the Black tour to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of the band

img_0108The Bomb Factory in Dallas was the setting of one of the most anticipated shows of the year for this genre. Thousands of AA fans were in attendance to welcome back Danny. As the band was prepping to hit the stage, they played Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond to warm up the crowd. Lights went out and one by one, the members of Asking Alexandria went to the stage. The crowd went nuts when it was Danny’s turn. The band kicked off their set with Welcome/Insanity and from the get go people started to crowd surf. The atmosphere was electric, you can definitely tell everyone missed Danny, and honestly who wouldn’t? Danny is part of the Asking Alexandria formula. Danny also went on saying that for some time Dallas was his home and everyone cheered, he also went on saying that there would be no Asking Alexandria if it wasn’t for the fans that enjoy their music. Someone, Somewhere, The Death of Me, and A Prophecy were also performed, but I think were the crowd was lost into the music was when the band performed Moving On, a slow rock type ballad that everyone loves and knows the words by heart. Their set concluded with two songs for their encore, The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel), and A Single Moment of Sincerity, both fan favorites. As the two last songs were being performed the band and the fans gave it their best to enjoy these last moments of the show. The band thanking the fans once again after their performance made it special for the crowd that was anxiously waiting to see them live. Asking Alexandria is currently on tour celebrating their 10th year anniversary. The band will continue to be on the road till April where they will conclude their tour in Russia.