All Time Low Returns to Dallas with the Back to the Future Hearts Tour

Dallas, TX – October 17, 2015 |  All Time Low played an entertaining show as the Back To The Future Hearts tour stopped in Dallas. Still in support of the recent Future Hearts release, All Time Low nearly sells out the South Side Ballroom. Songs from Future Hearts to So Wrong, It’s Right were featured on the 18 track set list that awaited the anxious fans. As the lights dimmed Alex Gaskarth (lead vocalist) took the stage and started to perform a rendition of Satellite. As the song progressed the rest of the members (Jack BarakaRian Dawson, and Zack Merrick) joined Alex and the crowed roared. What was a dark start, it became a light spectacle as they went into Kicking & Screaming from the Future Hearts album. It was just the second song into the set and the crowd was more than thrilled as they were seeing their Heroes play in front of them. IMG_2347.JPG

A Love Like War, Backseat Serenade, and Weightless were among the fan favorites that were played, and probably the loudest. Alex asked them to have a “sing-along” and as he the lyrics to the song Weightless, the fans just went crazy. As he finished singing a slow, small part of the pre-chorus, Alex asked if they were getting ready to go crazy, followed by a thunderous ovation, the band started paying the song at a fast pace with smoke fired up. Probably this was one of the funnest songs of the evening for the Dallas crowd. All Time Low also performed three acoustic songs, Cinderblock Garden, Therapy, and Missing You, both which the crowed loved. Therapy was the one appreciated the most of the two since the crowd couldn’t get enough of and sang along to every word of the lyrics. IMG_2351.JPG

The band said they were gonna perform the “last” song of the show, Old Scars/Future Hearts. Once that song was done the band did its same routine, they thanked the fans and got off stage. As the lights were dimmed, beach balls came down and the intro for Kids in the Dark started playing, the crowd cheered and the place went insane. All Time Low closed the show with their hit, Dear Maria, Count Me In. Fans came unglued when Alex started singing, the thousands of fans at the South Side Ballroom took over his vocals started to sing louder than him. towards the end of the song Alex jumped off the stage and started singing on top of the barricade that divides the stage and the fans, the girls went crazy over him and were reaching their hands trying to grab him. As the last chorus hit, heart-shape confetti came down from the ceiling, giving it an amazing scene and sending the fans home very pleased of this experience.


  1. Satellite
  2. Kicking & Screaming
  3. Lost in Stereo
  4. A Love Like War
  5. Dancing with a Wolf
  6. Backseat Serenade
  7. Weightless
  8. Cinderblock Garden
  9. Therapy
  10. Missing You
  11. Do You Want Me (Dead?)
  12. Don’t You Go
  13. Poppin’ Champagne
  14. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
  15. Old Scars / Future Hearts
  16. Kids in the Dark
  17. Something’s Gotta Give
  18. Dear Maria, Count Me In