After over a decade of silence, the legendarily influential melodic hardcore band from Orange County, California, IGNITE, returns from their hiatus with a trailblazing new album entitled, A War Against You. Now over ten years into the game, it’s no surprise that their long awaited fifth studio album is notably one of their most growth-filled and heralding, as it touches on societal woes and the struggles of everyday life in ways that only this band can achieve, while remaining upbeat in true to the times rock fashion. Despite their absence, it’s unrecognizable as the band resumes their stance, punching it hard with the sounds fans have come to know and love, with a slightly cleaner, polished spin. The band’s capability to step outside the margins while simultaneously remaining aware introspectively is what they do best, and such is conveyed seamlessly on their brand new record. image

As a collective, all of the album’s tracks mesh cohesively, ideally allowing its listeners to remain enticed from start to finish. Kick-starting with a head-banging number, “Begin Again,” IGNITE jolts the project forward with full-fledged clean energy, coupled with a positively uplifting message that challenging its hearers to grab life by the reins and take control for themselves. “This Is War,” the first single from the record, is a surefire toe-tapper from the moment it comes into rotation, whilst also delving into politically and socioeconomically charged truths that resonate among the blazing vocals and amazing chord progressions.

Oh No Not Again” and “Alive” are extremely captivating ballads, with memorable lyrics and catchy choruses. “How Is This Progress” undoubtedly is a fair reflection of what this band stands for as a whole, brimming with passion as they fervently shed light on problematic issues not yet alleviated from society, its unaddressed burdens and how consequently, no progression has been established. The painstakingly troubled lyrics in, “Descend” illuminates the personal convictions of lead vocalist, Zoli Teglas, reflecting upon the immigrant struggles faced from his Hungarian upbringing.

All in all the album is an exceptionally noble record, whether you’ve been a fan since the early 90’s or listening to IGNITE for the very first time. IGNTE has always been a band with a profound message to share with the world, and we were elated to discover that that venerating quality has transcended past the test of time. We’re hoping we won’t have to wait another 10 years to witness the next album from these legends, but in the meantime, we’re beyond content with the material from their newest masterpiece to keep us satiated.


  1. Begin Again
  2. Nothing Can Stop Me
  3. This Is A War
  4. Oh No Not Again
  5. Alive
  6. You Saved Me
  7. Rise Up
  8. Where I’m From
  9. The Suffering
  10. How Is This Progress
  11. You Lie
  12. Descend
  13. Forward
  14. Work