Seether Concert Review

And so we go back to the remedy!

Since their release of their latest album, Isolate and Medicate from the label The Bicycle Music Company, The South African band has return to the Dallas area. Last time they were here was for the Rockstar Uproar Festival back in September of last year. In that occasion their set was short but still a blast. This time around they co-headlined with Papa Roach and immediately I knew it was a MUST to go to that show. Being one of the two headliners I knew the set was going to be longer, better, and more personal since the venue is smaller than the venue that hosted the Uproar Festival. Taking a quick glimpse of the set list that was taped on the stage floor, I knew it was going to be a great show!


 Waiting anxiously with the sold out crowd at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas, the stage crew raised the Seether backdrop and the crowed cheered. The lights suddenly dimmed down, the crowd was silent and Seether stormed into the stage introducing their set by performing Gasoline from their album Disclaimer that was released in 2002 through The Bicycle Music Company. A kick ass song with a thunderous kick ass guitar riff. The awesome crowd seemed very pleased with the inaugural song of their set. The second song was Needles, also from the album Disclaimer. The intro drum beat of the song drew the fans into the song. Once the chorus hit, people were headbanging and crowd surfing, a sign that people were enjoying themselves. The song that followed was Rise Above This, from the album Finding Beauty in Negative Places. Once the drum pattern started the crowed knew exactly which song was coming next and cheered. This song is one of my favorites from Seether, so seeing them performing it was an awesome experience. Also it is a very personal song to the lead singer, Shaun Morgan. The song was made in dedication to his brother that committed suicide by jumping off an eight story hotel in 2007. 289A0138

The band also performed fan favorites such as Fine Again, Broken, and a Deftones cover, Change (In the House of Flies) The cover was well put together and is one of the most awesome covers I’ve ever seen. It’s hard for someone to do a great job on a song cover, and Seether did more than just a “great job” they rocked out the house and everyone LOVED IT!! They also performed the first single of their latest release, Word As Weapons from Isolate and Medicate. This song was an instant hit from the minute it was released, it got a lot of publicity in radio stations, so it was safe to say the crowd was very pleased with the selection. Another song that was played from the same album was Same Damn Life, even though this song didn’t get much radio air time, it’s also loved within the fans. It doesn’t get any better than a song that you can sing along to and rock out!


1 Gasoline (Disclaimer, 2002)
2 Needles (Disclaimer, 2002)
3 Rise Above This (Finding Beauty in Negative Places, 2007)
4 Fine Again (Disclaimer, 2002)
5 Broken (Disclaimer, 2002)
6 Change (Deftones cover)
7 Words As Weapons (Isloate and Medicate, 2014)
8 Same Damn Life (Isolate and Medicate, 2014)
9 Country Song (Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray, 2011)
10 Fake It (Finding Beauty in Negative Places, 2007)
11 Remedy (Karma and Effect, 2005)